May 21, 2018

Listen to The Judds’ No. 1 song “Cry Myself to Sleep”

the judds cry myself to sleep

Do you sometimes cry yourself to sleep when you know you can’t handle things? We cry to let go of whatever pain we feel inside of us. It is good to cry rather than to hold all the things you feel inside because you will eventually explode and it will not look good. So, here is the Judds’ song that everyone can relate to.

“Cry Myself to Sleep” Chart Performance

“Cry Myself to Sleep”  was released in 1986 by the Judds as the number 7 single on their album Rockin’ with the Rhythm. The song was written by Paul Kennerly and it also entered the US Billboard Charts. Peaking at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Song charts in 1987 for one week. It spent a total of 20 weeks on the charts. The album Rockin’ with the Rhythm peaked at No. 1 at the US Billboard Top Country Albums in 1986 for one week and spending a total of 151 weeks on the charts.

The Song’s Content

Tired of forgiving her man from all the things that he did, the narrator in the song finally gave up. She knew that she cannot make it any more so she chose to walk out and set herself free from all the burdens he caused her. She just cries alone as she felt the pain of everything, losing him and all the pain he caused.

A Little Bit About The Judds

The Judds is a country duo comprised of Naomi Judd and Wynonna Judd. It’s a mother-daughter duo that started their career in 1983. The duo won many awards, from Grammy awards to CMA awards. The duo’s career went on and off for various reasons. The last album they released was in 2011, I Will Stand by You: The Essential Collection. Then in 2017 the duo reunited to perform on a concert, All in for the Gambler, for Kenny Rogers in Nashville.

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