August 4

Rare Jim Reeves and Patsy Cline ‘I Fall to Pieces’ Duet Reminds Country Legacy

Who would not love a Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline Duet?

Thanks to sound sonic technology, these two country legends have done a duet long after they’re gone; 1963 for Patsy Cline and the following year for Jim Reeves. In 1981, Owen Bradley thought it genius to create this most coveted duet through an arrangement of alternates between songs which both singers recorded separately prior to their untimely deaths. Despite the unorthodox method, the novelty of it landed the “duets” in #5 on the Country Song Board in 1982.

Fast forward to our time, maybe someone could do a digital re-make (dazzling though the current track may sound)? Just make the music accompaniment a bit cleaner by totally eliminating the hisses and other noise. You see, this is one meaningful music recording. Should it not be worth all the trouble preserving? Assuredly, those of us who grew up listening to them would even deem a copy of this ‘duet’ as a family heirloom.

Back to Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves, they are highly admired by fans, both from yesteryears and today’s young people; Jim for his velvety voice, and Patsy for her classy singing style of captivating one’s mind and emotion. To our old folks, many valuable memories flood back whenever they hear their songs. For us youths, having been introduced to their albums mean we can appreciate how we are not deprived of their music and talent. Even if replayed multiple times, it is not tiring at all to listen to their songs. They actually are soothing to one’s nerves.

Now, for my six pence of thought; music is an art. It ought to be didactic- with sense and intelligence. If our excitement or musical satisfaction could only be evoked by raising up the beat, then something is wrong. Can you honestly say that you will just settle listening to shallow lyrics and crappy metallic noise? Your call.


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