January 24

Kevin Costner Sings of a Grand Welcome for “The Hero”

At the peak of his career as an actor, Kevin Costner played several hero roles. And, many fans became fascinated with his acting skills. His illustrious acting career earned him numerous accolades from different organizations. Now that he is expanding his vocation by venturing to music, Costner began establishing yet another solid following. In 2007, he founded his own band and they released their debut country album the following year. Since then, Costner’s music group has been busy touring and playing in several concerts. Without a doubt, Costner is playing another hero role even in the field of music. In a way, his song “The Hero” is just fitting to be sung for him.

Kevin Costner Sings of a Grand Welcome for "The Hero" 1
Photo credit: Kevin Costner & Modern West/Official Facebook Page

“The Hero”

Kevin Costner & Modern West released their third album From Where I Stand in September 2011. The album included the track “The Hero” which sings about a grand welcome for a conqueror who has returned home after being in the battlefield for quite some time.

It’s been a long road home from my last farewell
I’m the Hero just back from hell

He sings about the splendid parade made to welcome him back home. After being away for a long time, he was able to glance at the faces of many people who became part of his life again. They were all excited about his return.

There was a big parade just for me
My old high school band
Marching down Main Street
Everybody wavin’ — Old girlfriends
They were all wonderin’ what kind of shape I’m in
They might think they know me well
I’m the Hero just back from hell
I’m the Hero (2x)

Toward the end of the song, the “Yellowstone” actor tried to dissuade his townspeople from believing that everything he’s doing is right. Being in the battlefield, fighting with your fellow human beings, and taking their lives away do not all denote heroism. Somehow, you commit sin by performing these acts. He also mentioned his folks being eager to know more about what life is like in the battled, but he refused to share it to them. He just stated in his song,

I’m the Hero back from hell.

Listen to the intimate performance of the song below.


Kevin Costner

  • I’m 82 and think Kevin Costner is so multi talented and very intelligent. What a class act and a “CREDIT” to his many professions: actor, musician, businessman and family man. He’s also a college graduate with a major in business and marketing.

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