The grumbling Christian pertains to all of us. At one point or another, we grumbled a lot thinking that God doesn’t understand us, but that is far from true.

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When the Israelites were saved from slavery in Egypt, many of them were thankful. They were very grateful to the Lord and were very happy that they were saved. They revered the Lord and knew that He would always be with them. This was something they would always remember, that is, until they started their journey through the desert and wilderness.

All of a sudden, the gratefulness they had was gone. The reverence they had has turned into silent complaints, and they forgot that the Lord was with them. They grumbled a lot, complained and muttered among themselves.

They have forgotten the fact that God never left them. He was with them in Egypt and is still with them. Yet somehow, the Israelites have forgotten this. At one point, God sent out poisonous serpents to bite them. They were only healed when they looked upon the bronze serpent that Moses lifted up.

the grumbling christian

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This event should make us thankful of two things: the first thing to be thankful for is the fact that God doesn’t send poisonous serpents to us when we grumble. The second is that in times of struggle, we simply need to look up to God for healing.

The Grumbling Christian in All of Us

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The Bible commands us not to grumble. It doesn’t mean that we can’t vent. Far from it, we can still talk about injustices, complain about pain and such. At the same time, however, we are also supposed to remember that we are comforted by the Holy Spirit.

When we grumble, we forget that God is with us and think that He is being unfair. However, we need to remember that He gave us the Holy Spirit who can guide us to look on to the Lord. He is there to remind us that our Lord is never leaving nor has he ever left.

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Our Lord has always been there for us, never leaving us even for a second. Image taken from Pexels

When we struggle, we need to remember that we aren’t alone. The Lord is with us through our trying times. We need only to look up at Him to receive healing. Thank the Lord today and avoid being the grumbling Christian.

Take this time to thank the Lord with “How Great Thou Art” performed by Carrie Underwood.