October 12

“In the Garden:” A Beautiful and Heartfelt Cover of Tennessee Ernie Ford

There is nothing better than having a beautiful relationship with God. If we have a stable relationship with God, it will bring us eternal life, and we do not have to worry about life’s problems. Having God by our side will bring us comfort.

“In the Garden” By C. Austin Miles

“In the Garden” is a famous classic hymn written by C. Austin Miles in 1913. Miles graduated at the University of Pennsylvania. He took a degree in Pharmacy. Miles’ inspiration came to him when he was busy developing films in his darkroom. He was able to read the Bible under the red light.

One day, Miles opened his Bible and read John chapter 20. He read that Mary was looking for Jesus in the tomb, but Jesus was not there. She felt sad because Jesus was missing. Then, suddenly, someone spoke, and Mary saw that it was Jesus. Seeing Jesus turned her sadness to joy.

Upon reading that chapter Miles was suddenly hit with inspiration. He wrote the words down, which easily came out of him, and he then proceeded to add the melody to the song.

After working as a pharmacist, Miles became the editor and manager of a music publishing company. He served in that company for 37 years.

Artists Who Covered the Song

The popularity of this hymn made many artists decide to record their version. Some artists who are known to cover this are Tennessee Ernie Ford, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and many more.

The version of Tennessee Ernie Ford 

In 1957, Ford released his best-selling album Hymns. His album entered the Billboard 200. In his album, he covered various traditional gospel songs.


  1. “Who At My Door Is Standing”
  2. “Rock of Ages”
  3. “Softly and Tenderly”
  4. “Sweet Hour of Prayer”
  5. “My Task”
  6. “Let the Lower Lights Be Burning”
  7. “The Ninety and Nine”
  8. “The Old Rugged Cross”
  9. “When They Ring the Golden Bells”
  10. “In the Garden”
  11. “Ivory Palaces”
  12. “Others”

Ford’s version of the song “In the Garden” was terrific. The song was first sung by his backup choir, and Ford followed after them. The harmony of their voice fit well together.

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In the Garden, Tennessee Ernie Ford

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