The free believer, that’s us. As Christians, we are benefiting from being free from the bondage of sin thanks to the Lord.

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Freedom is a big deal in our great nation. The word is present in its many forms in many of our nation’s past, treasures, money, institutions, and so on. It is even in many of our songs, such as the national anthem. “Let Freedom Ring” is a very familiar phrase to many of us.

We are a people who treasure the freedom we have, and why shouldn’t we? Countless men and women fought to keep this country free. Our founding fathers created this great state of ours based on the belief that man shouldn’t be bound to serve a tyrant. That the people of a nation should remain free and independent.

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Freedom rings throughout our history, president Lincoln fought for it to make sure it goes to everybody. Every time something threatens our freedom, we do our best to protect it.

However, the definition of freedom isn’t really the same for many. To some freedom is giving an equal opportunity to everyone and letting them be good citizens. Others see freedom as a means to do whatever they want, whether that would be harmful to them or to others. Many other definitions are there, however, as Christians we enjoy a certain kind of freedom.

The Free Believer, Our Freedom from Sin

On one of Peter’s many letters, he tells us to live as “people who are free.” The freedom that the apostle speaks about here isn’t one that’s written down in a constitution, document, or law.

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The freedom that Peter talks about is our freedom from sin, eternal death, and the clutches of the devil. It is freedom rewarded to us by Jesus because of the faith that we have in him. We believe that He rose from the dead, that he triumphed over evil.

We stood by Him and so we are rewarded with this freedom. Remember, however, that this freedom is not an excuse for us to keep sinning. We are a free believer, always serving our Lord until we are welcomed back home.

Rejoice and Worship our Freedom through the Song “No Longer Slaves” by Zach Williams