There is no denying the fact that we are all proud to be Christians. We love our community of brother and sisters in Christ and we have unquestionable faith, but do we sometimes behave like the embarrassed child?

the embarrassed child

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To those who have had the pleasure of experiencing parenthood, at one point or another, I am certain that you have experienced having to deal with the embarrassed child. A time in a child’s life where everything the parent does embarrasses them, or so they think and tries to stay as far away from the parent as much as they can humanly do.

the embarrassed child

Thousands of family members and friends filled the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy, Aug. 11, for Plebe Parents’ Weekend. Plebe Parents’ Weekend, August 10-13, provided an opportunity for parents to reunite with their plebes (freshmen) after an intensive six weeks of Plebe Summer training that paves the way to a midshipman’s freshman year at USNA. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)

The embarrassed child tries their best to pretend that they have no connection to the parent whatsoever. To the parents, this can either be entertaining to some degree and sometimes painful, as though they did something bad when they didn’t really do anything impactful at all.

To those like me who aren’t parents yet, we may not be able to sympathize with parents but at one point, we were the embarrassed child, trying so hard to distance ourselves from the one who “embarrasses” us despite the fact that these are the people who love us dearly.

As Christians, we sometimes act that way towards God.

God the Father and We, the Embarrassed Child

Let’s face it, our religion is one of those very easy targets to criticize. We see and experience it all the time, people mocking us for believing in God.

This has especially become prevalent in today’s society, thanks to the internet. It has become very easy for us to connect with people around the globe but at the same time, it has also become really easy to attack others.

the embarrassed child

The internet has greatly helped us reach a lot of people but at the same time, it has allowed many to attack others online. Image from Pixabay

When people do attack us and our beliefs, there are those who, like an embarrassed child, immediately crawl in their shells and pretend to have no connection to God or Christianity at all. It is often very easy to act like the embarrassed child, but as Christians, we should try and overcome that.

There will always be those who attack us, that has become a part of our trials. Always remember that our Father loves us dearly and we should act the same way, we need to grow out of this phase and be mature enough to face this trial. Remember, our faith is strong because God is strong, we always rise past attacks on us and we never have to act like the embarrassed child.

Let’s reflect on how we face attacks and remember the strength we have thanks to God and Jesus with the song “Warrior” by Steven Curtis.