October 9

“The Dash:” A Moving Tribute to the Men & Women in Uniform

Today marks the 25th birthday of the 10th season American Idol champion Scotty McCreery. To commemorate this, we’ve chosen to feature one of his songs. It’s not a new single to be excited about. But, it’s a particular tune that tells something about him besides his rich voice and good music. The song appears on McCreery’s third studio album See You Tonight that was out in October 2013. Entitled “The Dash,” the song was penned by Preston Brust and Kyle Jacobs. It is the singer’s voice honoring those brave troops.


A Veterans Devotee

Apart from being a talented singer, Scotty is also a number one supporter of the uniformed personnel. A concrete proof to that was the use of his music to show his gratitude to the brave men and women in service. Hence, McCreery ensures to perform his song “The Dash” on each tour and concert he has. This song is the “Five More Minutes” singer’s way of remembering the soldiers’ valor and patriotism. At the National Day Memorial Concert last year, McCreery rendered a moving performance of “The Dash” bringing every audience to tears. During that concert, McCreery had the chance to meet the celebrated Tuskegee Airmen members. The singer shortly shared on social media that he was more than honored with that opportunity.

“The Dash:” Inspiration

The song primarily tells the story of an Afghanistan-based US Marine by the name Lance Corporal Andrew Carpenter. The fallen soldier happened to be married to the cousin of McCreery’s bass player. Carpenter was on his second tour to Afghanistan in 2011 when he encountered enemy fire. A few days later, Carpenter perished leaving his wife who was pregnant with their first child at that time. When McCreery heard the painful story, he felt the need for it to be told.

“When Nathan told me the story about his cousin’s husband, I knew it was a very personal way to connect our audiences to the song ‘The Dash,’” McCreery mentions in a press release.

He added,

“We try to tell his story, make sure he wasn’t forgotten and didn’t go down in vain,” McCreery says. “He never got the chance to meet his son, but his son will definitely grow up knowing his dad was a hero.”

Also, the singer shared how much his family respects the national soldiers and that they’re very grateful for their relentless dedication in protecting the country.

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