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“The Dance:” Westlife’s Rendition of Garth Brooks’ Single

Do you remember Garth Brooks“The Dance?” It’s one of his signature songs. “The Dance” was penned by Tony Arata in 1988 and recorded by Brooks for his self-titled album. The song was only released as a single in 1990. The result of the song was incredible, as it hit the top of the country chart. In addition, it was able to secure spots on the charts outside of the US.

Garth Brooks Westlife The Dance
Photo Credit: Garth Brooks/ cbs.com

“The Dance” Inspiration

“The Dance” was inspired by the film Peggy Sue Got Married. Arata, the songwriter, said that he started writing the song during the mid-’80s. However, he was not yet sure of the song’s theme. But when he watched the movie, he got an idea of what to write. After writing the song, Arata couldn’t find someone who wants to record it, he almost lost hope, but when Brooks heard Arata perform, he wanted to record the song.

The Movie, Peggy Sue Got Married

Peggy Sue Got Married is a classic film where the character, Peggy Sue, was transported to her high school life. Here, she tried to change things because she knew that her future didn’t turn out to be great. However, as she returns to her present world, she finds that what she has is exactly what she needs in life.

Brooks’ single became a phenomenal jump in his career because after “The Dance,” he kept releasing songs that hit the top of the chart.

Westlife’s Rendition

The single was extremely popular that a lot of artists recorded Brooks’ song. Some renditions were even turned into a pop version. One of the artists who covered this song was the Irish pop band, Westlife. The band included their cover on their album The Love Album. They performed their song in concerts and on TV shows. They even have a duet with Ronan Keating.

Other Versions

Other artists who recorded Brooks’ “The Dance” are Mindy McCready, Janelle Arthur, Dave Koz, and many more.


Garth Brooks, Westlife

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