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Loretta Lynn is a proof that Cinderella’s story can come to life. Her story has inspired people around the world. Film director Michael Apted did a right decision when he chose to put this beautiful story on the screenplay in “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” It was aired in 1980. The film featured the life of Loretta Lynn from childhood until her rising as one of the most prominent country stars in history.

The main characters

With the script being crucial to Country Music, the cast was chosen carefully by the producers. So, let’s take a snap on these artists who excellently portrayed Loretta Lynn and the different characters in the country legend’s life.

Sissy Spacek as Loretta Lynn

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Loretta Lynn personally picked Sissy Spacek for her character. Lynn hasn’t watched any of the actress’ movie or shows but Sissy’s photos were enough for Lynn to make the decision. Sissy was hesitant to accept the role at first, as she has another offer from another movie. She talked it over to her mother-in-law, and she was advised to pray for a sign.

One morning, while listening to a classical radio with her husband, “Coal Miner’s Daughter” was suddenly played. That was the sign she has been waiting for! And so she accepted the role and sang Loretta Lynn’s songs without lip-syncing!

Sissy’s life went hugely different after the film was shown. Her vocal performance and overall performance were highly praised. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the film. Also, she continued to star in notable movies like The River, Crimes of the Heart, and In the Bedroom.

 Tommy Lee Jones as Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn

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The main person who encouraged Loretta to pursue her dreams was his husband, Oliver. Tommy Lee Jones played this significant character. Jones was also nominated for a Golden Globe for his role.

The personality of Oliver and Jone’s recent roles in movies were far different. But, the movie showcased the softer side of the actor. Jones played more varied roles after the film.

Beverly D’Angelo as Patsy Cline

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On the other hand, Beverly D’ Angelo played Patsy Cline, Lynn’s close friend. Just like Sissy, Beverly unleashed her vocal talent in the movie as she sang Patsy Cline songs without lip-syncing. She beautifully acted the country singer’s character. This led her nomination for a Golden Globe Award.

Interestingly, this movie was one of Beverly’s earliest movies. After her excellent performance, numbers of roles knocked on her door.

Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones, and Beverly D’Angelo characterized the three main roles in the movie. They have gathered the fruits of their hard work as their careers boosted more after the film.

For us, we extend them our gratitude for giving us the chance to witness the life of the “Coal Miner’s Daughter” star.  Meanwhile, here’s a short video clip from the movie. Enjoy watching!

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