Take a look back and reminisce on the beauty of “The Cattle Call” given to us by the great country legend Eddy Arnold.

the cattle calls

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There is plenty of country music today and newer ones keep on coming at a really fast pace. With all these great music, it is unfortunate that some of the great classics are slowly being overshadowed and being replaced by mostly newer ones.

While there isn’t anything wrong with liking new music, going back to the classics always help music fans appreciate how country music and music in general, evolved. Along with that, revisiting classic songs allows music fans to take a look at how music styles were like back then.

the cattle call

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There isn’t a lot of music nowadays that uses yodeling as part of it. However, yodeling is very much a part of country music. Many of the earlier country music was yodeling music. Even better, a couple of classic country singers from way back have really great yodeling voices.

Perhaps the best part of yodeling in music is the fact that it allowed the great Eddy Arnold to give us one of the best classic country songs out there. “The Cattle Call” still serves as one of the best examples of true classic country and also serves as Eddy Arnold’s signature song.

“The Cattle Call” and Eddy Arnold

Eddy’s signature song was written way back in 1934 by fellow musician and songwriter, Tex Owens. Eddy Arnold recorded the song which immediately gained popularity upon its release. Eventually, the song became equated to the country singer and was dubbed as his signature song.

the cattle call

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Western Writers of America added the song to their Top 100 Western songs of all-time list.

When Eddy re-recorded the song in 1955 it once again gained a lot of popularity. This newer version made it to the number one spot on the country charts where it stayed for two weeks. Overall, the song spent 26 weeks in the country charts.

Here’s a live performance of Eddy singing his signature song: