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Rewinding the Past: When The Bellamy Brothers Earned their First No.1 Single


Thirty-nine years ago, The Bellamy Brothers earned their very first number one single “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me.” It peaked at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on May 19, 1979. It had been more than three decades since then. Nevertheless, it brings back the right and real country sounds of yesterday.

It is genuinely a classic yet, it’s indeed a timeless song. In fact, it’s still being played over the radios even up to these days. This is one of the songs we’d like to hear over and over again. It merely gives us the feels and the chills.

If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me…

David Bellamy, himself, wrote the words and lyrics of “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me.” The Bellamy Brothers recorded and released the single in March 1979. It was part of their album “The Two and Only.” The song became their very first number one to peak on Billboard Hot Country. Nevertheless, it became their second to top the chart overall after “Let Your Love Flow.”

Moreover, the song didn’t reach its success in the United States on its first release. It first became successful in the other parts of the globe specifically in Northern Ireland. Then, it became a hit in the US. In 2003, Country Weekly Magazine named “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold it Against Me” as number one pick-up line of all time.

The Bellamy Brothers are composed of David Milton Bellamy and Homer Howard Bellamy. They are from Darby, Florida, United States. The band is considered one of the most successful groups in the country music scene. Their prominence reigned from the ’70s to the ’80s. Their very first single “Let Your Love Flow” was a massive hit. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976.

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