May 25

“That’s Enough”: Johnny Cash’s Most Comforting Gospel Song

johnny cash that's enough

When you feel down and the world is all against you what do you do then? Some people have friends they can call and talk to, while others have a family they can run to and cry on their shoulders. However, what if there is no one you can call? What will you do then? The answer to that question is simple, God. He is the only one who will never leave your side. In order to know more if God will always be there for you here is Johnny Cash’s proof that God’s got your back.

“That’s Enough” and The Fabulous Johnny Cash

“That’s Enough” was track number 6 on his album The Fabulous Johnny Cash. The song was written by Dorothy Coates and released in 1958. Dorothy Coates was a gospel singer who started her career in the 40’s. Cash’s album and the song didn’t make it to the US Billboard charts, yet his album is still considered to be one of his best and most successful albums released by Columbia records.

All About the Song

The song “That’s Enough” is one of the most comforting songs you’ll ever want to listen to all the time. It best describes what God is capable of. It’s also a proof that even if people are against you, or when you feel like no one is there for you, God will always be there. He is a comforter of broken hearts and souls. God is all we need in this troubled world, and just like what the song says, God is enough. He will always be there through thick or thin, His love for us will never waver. Hence, trust the Lord and never doubt that He will leave your side. Furthermore, when you think that you cannot handle whatever problems you have, whether it be physical, emotional, financial or spiritual, think again.

Here’s Johnny Cash and his comforting song that God is enough.

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