July 14

That Heart-Melting Moment a Fan in Wheelchair Steals Spotlight from Colt Ford


Jun 22nd was one of those glorious moments for Colt Ford and probably one of those moments he wouldn’t forget in the entirety of his career as a country outlaw. That moment was defined by Zach Thornton as he sings “Dirt Road Anthem” on a Colt Ford concert.


Colt Ford and Zach Thornton sang together

Zac Thornton, Colt Ford

Colt Ford is having the time of his life at Orange Riverfront Park performing “Dirt Road Anthem” when a 23 year old fan in wheel chair was hoisted by his other fans. It was revealed that this teen in his twenties was diagnosed of spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the vertebrae or the spine of an individual causing several affected motor activities like walking and sometimes, complete paralysis.

But on that very moment, Zach Thornton is not there because of this diagnosis but he is there to enjoy like any other Colt Ford fan in his twenties enjoying some good ole country music from a true outlaw. In his recent Facebook post, we had a pretty good view on how that heart-melting moment went as Colt Ford was on his knees trying to just sing the “Dirt Road Anthem” until Zach unapologetically grabbed the mic from Ford.

We definitely don’t want for Zach to be sorry as he also grabbed the show from Colt Ford prompting louder cheers from the welcoming fans. The unsuspecting legion of fans cheered and went nuts as Zach became a songsmith right in front of their eyes.

As of this moment, Ford’s shared video on Facebook garnered 32,000 likes and 26,000 shares as Zach became viral after the video was shared. Colton wrote the following caption:

“ You wanna know why I am so Lucky. This right here real life nothing but Love for my buddy Zach up on stage he Rocked the House. It was My Honor to be on stage with You Buddy. God Bless you were the STAR of the Show.”

The Mississippi native, Zach went to slaying the stage with Colt Ford to taking his two leather cuffs giving Zach the ultimate fan experience.

We’re really jealous Zach but we’re happy for you!

Watch the heart-melting moment here:



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