October 9

Sister Rosetta Tharpe: Rock and Roll’s Godmother was a True Blue Singer of the Lord

The Godmother of Rock and Roll

The origins of rock and roll were arguably molded and bred in the in-betweens of the church and in the dark crevices of nightclubs. There, in the height of the 1940’s was Sister Rosetta Tharpe. She was there before the giants that we know and love – Elvis, Little Richard, and Johnny Cash – strummed their guitars and introduced us to the familiar rock sound that we know and love. But, it was Tharpe who made the world know what rock and roll was.

Tharpe is known to be the “Godmother of Rock n Roll” with her unique innovative guitar playing that is a standout in the music business at that time. Although she had struggled with issues with regards to her personal and professional life, it did not deter her from performing and dedicating her life to spreading the word of the Lord through her music.

I already had a song in mind for today’s article and all I had to do was to write it. However, there was this strange feeling at the back of my mind that didn’t sit well with the idea of the said article. I found myself procrastinating (and to be honest, I’m glad I did!), and I found the most unexpected song – Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s “Strange Things Happening Every Day.”

Strange Things Indeed

I find it quite funny, because at the start of my shift, I wasn’t really up to work and I was feeling a little down. But when I visited our page on Facebook, I found that a man covered Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” on his guitar. And that video instantly made me smile. It was the best thing that I had seen all day. And to me, that was like God telling me to cheer up because this is a brand new, beautiful day.

That was the realization of mine, along with the funny thought that He can reach you in the most unexpected, quirky ways and you can immediately understand his message. And when I saw this song, I thought it fitting. “Strange Things Happening Every Day” sings about how God works in mysterious ways – how the strings of his power and reverence work together to jive into what he plans for us. It is in our inner reflection that we can see how truly, the Lord works in wonders and in ways that we wouldn’t expect, but we would be reminded that we are loved.

The song is upbeat and the glory and praise is resonating. Maybe this was also God’s other way of saying ‘cheer up’ to His child.

Enjoy the song below!

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