November 22

A Rare Clip of Johnny Cash’s Special Thanksgiving Prayer

Feasting with loved ones on great food on Thanksgiving Day has long been a tradition. Well, food is always a part in any special occasion anyway. But, this is certainly not the main highlight of Thanksgiving Day. The name of the occasion clearly symbolizes what the event is all about. Therefore, before indulging in those mouth-watering turkeys and various food; did you utter a simple thanksgiving prayer since this day began? If yes, good for you. Otherwise, it’s not yet too late to do so. Nevertheless, keep in mind that being grateful shouldn’t only happen on Thanksgiving Day but as often as possible.

And since it’s Thanksgiving Day today, we’d like to present you with something to make feel more grateful even for the small things in life. This video features Johnny Cash reciting a special Thanksgiving prayer entitled “I Thank You.”

A photo of young Johnny Cash working in the cotton field.
Photo credit: Johnny Cash Facebook Page

Johnny Cash’s Special Thanksgiving Prayer

In this old video clip, the “Man in Black” delivers a heartwarming message that would certainly inspire everyone who listens to it. Moreover, the impact of what it wants to convey is long-lasting. Based on the clip’s caption, the recitation song is entitled “I Thank You.” It helps us realize the value of simple things in life and drive us to be grateful for them.

Specifically, Cash played the role of a farmer. Hence, he’s wearing not the usual dark-collared attire but something that would closely represent a simple farmer. Based on the lines, the farmer’s family lack material wealth. Also, they were not able to serve turkey on Thanksgiving Day as they did not have an abundant harvest from their crops this year. Despite such, the farmer remains grateful by looking at other things to thank for.

The “Walk the Line” singer, who’s speaking from a farmer’s perspective, prayed:

“Dear Lord, he said, we thank you, for the sun was warm today. And we thank you for the singing of the birds and the laughing of the children as they played. And thank you for that neighbor of mine that fixed my plow. Thank you for that old plow horse. We sure could use a cow.”

In addition, he did not forget his family whom he considers as the most valuable possession that he has.

“Thank you for my good wife, Lord, and the children that I’ve got. And they love me for the things that I am, and they forget the things I’m not.”

After watching the video below, and to commemorate Thanksgiving Day, don’t forget to thank God for the many things, great or small, you have in life. Happy Thanksgiving Day!


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