October 30

“Thanks to Calvary:” The Gaithers’ Song About A Renewed Life

No one will ever go wrong in choosing to follow Jesus. The only thing you would lose the moment you decide to follow Him is your old and earthly life. But that’s nothing compared to the new life you gain in Christ. Therefore, there’s really nothing to lose; everything is just gained. Thanks to that memorable place called Mt. Calvary where Jesus gave His life for us to receive God’s amazing gift of grace.

Many songwriters and lyricists are continuously inspired by that significant place to write beautiful songs about. Given its relevance to our lives as Christians, it only fits that we do not forget about it as time goes by. Hence, these songs would serve as sweet reminders to each of us. After hearing some great songs on this theme such as “I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary,” “At Calvary,” and “A Place on Calvary,” the more I realized its worth in my spiritual life. And here comes another song about the sacred place. It’s called “Thanks to Calvary (I Don’t Live Here Anymore)” which Bill and Gloria Gaither wrote.

“Thanks to Calvary (I Don’t Live Here Anymore)”

This tune tackles a mid-life conversion to a Christ-centered living. The protagonist was previously a skeptical person, an unbeliever, too. However, after meeting Jesus Christ and eventually letting Him into his life, everything has changed. The wonderful feeling of completely being renewed is overwhelming. Also, the thought of going back to his old way of life has now become impossible. It’s for the reason that doing so won’t bring anything good to him.

When you accept Christ in your heart, there’s a renewal of your outlooks in life’s every aspect. Whatever negative feeling is governing yourself, this will be replaced with optimism and hope. Your fears and uncertainties will be turned into confidence and peace of mind. Furthermore, conflicts and misunderstandings with others become much easier to handle. If you have selfish ambitions, once you become converted to Christ, you’ll begin to be more involved in various social activities. Also, you’ll learn to value the time spent with your loved ones.

Listen to the song below and let it make you feel renewed in Christ.


Bill and Gloria Gaither, Song About Renewed Life, Thanks to Calvary

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