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“We Thank Thee” A Song Made To Appreciate Everything in Life

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About The Song: We Thank Thee

We Thank Thee,” is a song written and performed by Jim Reeves’ himself, in 1962. “We Thank Thee” is a track included in his album called We Thank Thee.

The song is about being thankful each day as we wake up. It’s about appreciating all the simple things in life, such as the birds, the trees, the flowers in bloom, even the rain. Usually, the simple things in life make everything seem good.

“Oh yes we thank Thee Lord

For every flower that blooms

Birds that sing, fish that swim

And the light of the moon”

The song delivers a message of being happy with the things we see or we are surrounded with. It’s about trusting in God, not worrying, just living every day at the moment. It’s about being thankful that despite everything, today you are alive and breathing. Remember to always give thanks to the Lord.

About The Artist: Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves was known as the man with a smooth and baritone voice that will capture your heart. He was born in Galloway, Texas. At a very young age, Reeves was amazed by country music. He started appearing on a radio show in Shreveport, LA. But he didn’t pursue a career as a musician. He was known to be a talented person. Aside from singing, he also excels in sports. He signed with St. Louis Cardinal in 1944, but his career ended as an athlete when he was injured.

Reeves jumped from one job to another until he found himself working on a radio station. He rose to fame when he was recognized by Abbott Records. Reeves sang in place of Hank Williams when he failed to appear on the show. Since then Reeves’ focused on his singing career.

In 1953, Reeves released his first record “Mexican Joe,” which hit the No. 1 spot on the chart. He followed it with another hit, “Bimbo.” After his first two hit songs, Reeves also released four more singles under Abbott Records.

He was called Gentleman Jim after signing a deal with RCA. “Yonder Comes a Sucker” was Reeves first hit under RCA.

Some of Reeves major hits were: “Four Walls,” “Anna Marie,” “Blue Boy,” and “He’ll Have To Go.” Reeves was known not only in America but all throughout the world.

Reeves Death

Reeves died in a plane crash in 1964. Even though Reeves’ career ended soon his music was still played by many. After his death, the sales of his singles increased more.



Jim Reeves, we thank thee

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