October 29

Oakridge Boys Uncover Life’s Magic in “Thank God for Kids”

Everyone has his or her favorite song by the Oakridge Boys, but we sure bet that today’s feature, “Thank God for Kids,” is a sure-champion to all parents out there! But, don’t watch the clip on your own. Go, call your kids and share the magic.

Thank God for Kids – Oakridge Boys with Marie Osmond
Video Courtesy:
DL Minier

Written and first recorded by Eddy Raven in 1972, “Thank God for Kids” is The Oakridge Boys’ only single released in 1982 from their album, “Christmas.” It did climb the Hot Country Songs chart and rested at No. 3.

Covers for the track were done by Kenney Chesney for his 2004 album, All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan followed by John Rich for the play called “For the Kids” in 2011.

William Lee Golden: Advocate for “Thank God for Kids”

William Lee Golden was one of the pioneer members of The Oakridge Boys when it was first formed in 1961. The privilege of singing lead for “Thank God for kids” was perfect for Golden. The song speaks volumes for him as he had three sons back then. And just as he loved the song the first time he sang it, he loves it even more now that he’s a grandfather. In case you have missed it, Golden often sings “Thank God for Kids” wherever their group’s invited to perform. Here’s one from their channel.

Thank God for Kids [Live] – William Lee Golden
Video Courtesy: TheOakRidgeBoysVEVO

Delightful ain’t it? Love the part at the end when Golden sang, “thank God for kids… and grand-kids, too.”

Kids: Our Inheritance and Reward from the Lord

While it’s true that they can be a handful at times, kids are still among God’s favorites. So if you have one in your home, why not volunteer to tuck him to bed tonight? But before turning the light switch off, do yourself a favor by telling your boy how thankful you are to have him.

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