January 23

Sing Along in “Thank You Lord for Your Blessings On Me”

I could hear people chirping now, “Oh I know that song!”

Well then, join these beautiful people as they sing their hearts out before our Lord.

“Thank You Lord” featuring Sherri & Jeff Easter

Thank you Lord for this song. Without a doubt, it helped millions of believers worldwide to remember that they’re not a pitiful bunch. They’ve got God, and there’s nothing they will lack in life.

We’re rejoicing because we got God.

Our faith is no crutch. People could not understand how we can still be happy despite the bad things happening around us. Well, words won’t do much justice to answer the ‘how.’ Suffice to state the ‘why.’ We’re happy because the Lord chose us to be his kids. Being part of his family alone is a great reason for rejoicing.

In everything give thanks.

From childhood, we’ve been taught to always say, “Please” and “thank you.” Where did that go into our adulthood? Regardless, may we remain child-like before our heavenly Father. Let’s thank him every day. Stop looking at what others have. That’s a sure-fire joy stealer. See what are on your hands. If it helps you, name and count them all. You might be surprised to discover that you may have been blessed more than necessary.

And don’t just thank God once, or only when it’s convenient. Make it a habit. Believe me, it will transform the way you see things. Consequently, we’ll do away our grumpy attitude. Just pure gratitude.

Contentment Promotes

Much abuse was made of the word “contentment.” Most of us got the wrong assumption that it’s about settling with what you have and where you’re at. While those may be part of being content, it’s not all contentment.

Contentment is cheerful satisfaction with what you have received. Naturally, it promotes lots of “Thank you Lord.” Just like any doting dad, he’ll give more. Through contentment, we’ve proven that we don’t take him and our relationship for granted.


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