August 22

“To Teach Them a Lesson,” Texas Mom Left Her 2 Children

“To Teach Them a Lesson,” Texas Mom Left Her 2 Children 1

How can someone be called a mother, if she can bear doing this to her child?  Yes, it is right to discipline your children, but leaving them to die for the reason to teach them a lesson? It’s just messed up.

Last Thursday, a mom from Texas was accused of killing her two toddlers upon locking them in a hot car to “teach them a lesson.” Cynthia Marie Randolph, 25, was indicted on first-degree felony charges of causing serious bodily injury to a child. Randolph faces life in prison if convicted. She was arrested in June after her two children Cavanaugh and Juliet Ramirez (1 and 2 years-old respectively) were discovered inside a locked car unresponsive on May 26.

By the time the children were found, the temperature had already  reached close to 100 degrees. The children were pronounced dead and the autopsy that was released this month ruled their deaths as homicides.

The mother, Randolph initially told that she was in their house folding their laundry and the same time watching television when she realized that her children was “gone.” She also told the police that the toddlers were in the hot car for “no more than an hour.” Randolph then changed her story several times.

According to the arrest warrant, the policed later said that Randolph admitted that she left the toddlers in the car to “teach them a lesson” because her daughter would get out of the car. She told investigators that she thought her daughter would be able to get out with her brother when they were ready.

This is just mad and I can’t explain what I feel about this woman. It pains me knowing that there are people who can do what she has done.  A mother should be loving and should be taking care of her children. Whether you see it or not, your children is a part of you and yes, it’s true that there are a lot of ways you can get rid of children, but killing them is out of the options. I despise this woman. She should have used pills or condoms.

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