August 11

Texan Man Lost Weight to Join the Army

Texan Man Lost Weight to Join the Army 1
Facebook/ William Guinn

People would generally begin a weight loss program with the aim to achieve better health and life, but one patriotic Texan wanted to do so for a noble cause – to serve his country.

February 2016, William Guinn Jr. from Abilene, Texas weighed 456 pounds and that’s when he also decided he needed a change.

It has been a life-long dream for him to serve in the military but given the enlistment requirements, his weight was not just acceptable. So, he decided to lose the excess weight to qualify.

It took him 14 months of exhausting exercise and a strict diet plan. He ate healthy foods and even sought advice from a nutritionist to achieve his goals. By April 2017, he had lost half of his body weight, 230 pounds. And, this year, he finally fulfilled his dream to join the army.

To achieve this, Guin worked with Planet Fitness’ personal trainers six days a week. Sometimes, he will even jog back home after working out in the gym for two hours.

““When I first started losing weight I was 456 pounds in 14 months without surgery or anything else, just dieting, eating right, and gym 6 days a week and very active i manage to lose 211 pounds all thanks to planet fitness,” Guinn wrote in a Facebook post.

One great motivating factor that pushed him is because he wanted to follow after his grandfather’s footsteps.

“It can be done ad yes for those that didn’t know [I was] trying to [get into the] military, he wrote on a public post on Facebook. “[It] will be a great start for my career and to push [myself] harder than ever before. I will graduate from basic and M.I.T. and start my career. I do see a change.”

The married father-of-four was sworn in to the Army in Dallas last July 10 and explained to a local news outlet.

This is just evidence how persistence, determination and hard work can do amazing things. Keep it up, Mr. Guinn.


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