July 7

Texas Cop Covers Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” And We’re Digging It

The irony of a policeman singing “Folsom Prison Blues” is beyond us but we are not saying we are not mesmerized by this cover.


Texas Cop singing Folsom Prison Blues

 Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash

Just a little trip down memory lane, “Folsom Prison Blues” is definitely one of those Johnny Cash Songs that has its own background story. Considered as one of Johnny Cash’s signature songs, it was the 11th track on his debut album called “With His Hot and Blue Guitar Train.” It topped the country music charts in 1968 and a live performance of Cash was even recorded at Folsom State Prison itself with some actual inmates participating in the said video on the 13th of January 1968

It was also the same song that brought Johnny Cash one of his Grammy Awards as the live performance in Folsom Prison gave him the Grammy for ‘Best Country Vocal Performance” under Male Division.

According to Johnny Cash, he was inspired to pen the song after seeing the movies ‘Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison’ while being part of the Air Force at Landsberg, Bavaria where Folsom Prison is situated.

Billy Morgan, Cover

On June 4th 2017, Alex Garza who’s a patrolman in San Antonio Police Department posted a video of fellow Officer Billy Morgan gamely strumming the guitar and just immediately he impressed everyone in the room covering Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’

Garza told KENS 5 about posting the said video of his colleague:

“Sure enough, as soon as he started singing, he blew us all away with his voice. I [posted the video] on Facebook because I thought he could bring a positive reflection on police, to show people that we have hobbies outside of policing,”

When Officer Morgan was asked why he chose this video out of all the Johnny Cash song and if we may repeat, the irony of picking it, Morgan has a definite answer:

“I know it’s a song about going to prison, but it’s one of my favorite Johnny Cash songs.”

Watch the cover here:



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