December 10

Tennessee Ford was able to Find his Peace Through Jesus Christ

Messiah, Healer, Counselor, and Son of God are the few titles of Jesus Christ. Truly, there are no words or adjectives enough to describe who He is. But the real question that we should ask is, who is Jesus in our life? Is He the one to fulfill our dreams like a genie? Or is He the great one to bring joy, and world peace? Well, whatever the role of Jesus is in your life, I hope that you will consider Him as your one true friend who will never leave nor forsake you. Even Tennessee Ford considered Him as his close friend in “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

 The Man with Many Talent

He is considered as one the industry’s finest artists. This fine man is well known for his rich bass-baritone voice which became his signature style in the music industry. I hope you can still remember him through his famous version of the hit “Sixteen Tons.” Of course, I’m referring to the talented Tennessee Ford who rose to fame in the ’40s.

He is not just a singer, Tennessee Ford is also a good actor and host due to his down-home humor. In fact, Ford hosted his television show in the ’50s and it lasted nearly seven years. I guess his talent is really natural.

Thou Wilt Find a Solace there

Jesus knows everything, the content of our hearts, our plans, and even our future. Thus, the hit “What a friend we Have in Jesus” by Tennessee Ford talks about this aspect. Moreover, the hymn educates us what our life would be on the side of Christ. In my opinion, He is our light in a dark room, without Him we are nothing. Jesus is the only answer to everything and all we need to do is to let Him in.


sixteen tons, Tennessee Ford, what a friend we have in jesus

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