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‘Tennesse Whiskey’ Dad Makes a Viral Comeback with ‘Stand By Me’ Cover

Four months ago, Kris Jones’s daughter took a video of him that took a 360° turn in his life. The video, which showed him singing beautifully while he was driving, was shared numerous times on social media, showed him featured Jones while he sang Tennesse Whiskey, a hit song made popular by George Jones and Chris Stapleton. The song gained a stunning number of over 35 million views. It was so stellar and impressive that producers of the Ellen show caught wind of it and decided to reach out to Jones so he could be a guest on their talk show.

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Singing in Ellen Degeneres’ show was Jones’ first ever television appearance and performance. During his interview, he openly shared his passion and love for music.

I’ve been singing my whole life. I started out in the church.”, He began. “I was ten years old, and my mom…when the choir was singing, I would always try to sneak up there to sing. She was like ‘Sit down boy. One day I was just singing around the house and she’s like ‘Wait a minute! You can really sing!’

He further divulged that being an instant YouTube sensation led him to score another chance to be on the hit music competition show, The Voice. To everyone’s amusement, Kris Jones tried out for The Voice but failed to make any of the judges turn for him. However, with a strong fan base back at home, Jones was able to move forward and continue sharing his passion for music. Among the front liners of his fans club include his wife, Destiny, and his three adorable children. Ellen ended their guesting on her show on a happy note. She handed Jones a $10000 check from Shutterfly as financial backing to help Kris Jones get started on his musical aspirations. Jones hugged his daughter, Dayla tightly. Both were extremely overjoyed, touched and at a loss for words.

While some people thought that was the last they would ever see from the singing dad, Jones made a delightful comeback with a cover of another all-too-familiar track, Stand By Me. His bluesy cover of the catchy song showed how Jones stayed true to his previous performances. He was behind the wheel of his car as he wholeheartedly belted out the melodies to his song choice.

Due to the huge reception that his previous video received, he remarked,

‘Thank you, ya’ll don’t really know how much this really means to me. How much it means to my family. Everything that I’ve done in my life, I’ve worked so, so hard for. Nothing, nothing was ever given to me. It’s been a really long, hard road and I’m thankful for being where I am today.”

His humility and simplicity made more and more individuals admire and respect him. Hopefully, Kris Jones does get his big break in the music industry, so that he will have all the more reasons and motivation to share with people what he loves to do the most: singing.

Posted by Kris Jones on Sunday, January 8, 2017


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