December 26

“Ten Thousand Angels:” A Story of Sacrifice from Loretta Lynn

This is one of the most iconic stories in the Bible. God sent his only begotten Son to live and mingle with humans. With it, we were taught to believe that there is only one God and we need to glorify His name. But due to the sins of mankind, His only Son, Jesus Christ died on the cross. It’s the only way for our sins to be washed. We can say that the love of God towards humans is incomparable, and cannot be measured. Also, God’s acts of love were portrayed in the hit of Loretta Lynn “Ten Thousand Angels.” Anyway, just go ahead and listen to the song below for you to be enlightened.

The Sweet Country Girl

She is close to the late country singer sensation Patsy Cline. Moreover, this artist is enjoying a lavish career in the music industry for almost 60 years now. In addition, she has received numerous awards since her breakthrough in the industry. Due to her sensational hits, this woman was able to sell more than 45 million albums worldwide. In fact, 11 of which was number one and don’t forget she also slammed 24 singles in the number one spot. I hope that you did not forget her, of course, it’s Loretta Lynn that I’m referring to. She is known for her popular hits like “You Ain’t Woman Enough,” and “Fist City,” among others.

“Ten Thousand Angels:” A Story of Sacrifice from Loretta Lynn 1
Credits to: Loretta Lynn’s Facebook Fan Page

The Story of God’s Sacrifice

There’re a lot of stories in the Bible about God’s sacrifice, his love, and compassion towards mankind. Perhaps, the most famous of which was when He sent his Son for us to be saved. This is also the theme of the song from Loretta Lynn “Ten Thousand Angels” that was included on her album “Who Says God is Dead.” The hit was released in 1967 and became famous among the religious groups. In closing, I hope that this hit will uplift your faith if you feel like giving upon everything.


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