June 18

“Ten Feet Away”: A Love at First Sight Song by Keith Whitley

keith whitley ten feet away

It’s sad that Keith Whitley passed away at a very young age. We could have heard more of his beautiful songs, and we could have enjoyed more of his country music. He may have left very soon, but his music will always be an inspiration to many. Even if Whitley had long been gone, he left us with some music that we will surely enjoy.

“Ten Feet Away” Chart Performance

“Ten Feet Away” was Whitley’s first song to enter the top 10 of the US Billboard Charts. His song peaked at No. 9 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in 1986. In addition, the song spent a total of 26 weeks on the chart. “Ten Feet Away” was Whitley’s sixth track on his album L.A. to Miami. The album may not have reached the top 10 of the charts, but it was able to secure a position at No. 26 of the Top Country Album charts. Billy Sherrill, Troy Seals, and Max Barnes wrote the song for Keith Whitley.

About “Ten Feet Away”

There is always a song about love at first sight because let’s admit it we do fall in love sometimes that quickly. Keith Whitley’s song is not different from other songs with this kind of topic, but in this case, the narrator specifically said that he fell in love with a girl just ten feet away from him. Just like the typical love story where someone falls in love with a beautiful lady in a sea of people.

He was busy singing when he saw a lovely lady on a corner, all alone, looking at him. He instantly felt the connection between them, and so he waits until he finishes with what he’s doing before he approached her. There was a brief moment when he thought she would entertain the guy who approached her. However, she had her eyes on him, and he felt relieved about it.

Here’s Keith Whitley’s love at first sight song “Ten Feet Away.”


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keith whitley, ten feet away

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