May 11

With A Joyful Spirit, “I’m Telling the World About His Love”

With A Joyful Spirit, "I'm Telling the World About His Love" 1From L-R: Robert S. Arnold, Jake Hess, Ben Speer, and Rex Nelon / Photo credit: Youtube

One of the sweetest and constant things we could ever think of is God’s unconditional, unfailing, and boundless love to mankind. No matter how sinful we are, the love of God remains. Oftentimes though, we fail to recognize it as we’re more focused on the worldly things around us. If we only take a few moments each day to talk to Him and allow His presence to completely devour us, changes in our perceptions of life will take place. And if we open our hearts to God, only then would we realize how wonderful it feels to be loved by The Almighty.

To help us understand further what that means, let’s consider the song called “I’m Telling the World About His Love.”

The Song

“I’m Telling the World About His Love” is among the many hymns that Kenneth Fulkerson wrote. The song tells a story about a sinner who chose go on his own and did not heed God’s words. His time, talents, and treasures were all wasted on nothing. Thankfully, Jesus found him and set him free from the chains of sin. Now, he’s extremely happy about the new life God gave him. Hence, he’s inspired to tell the world about the love of God overflowing in his life.

I love to sing about my King (wonderful King)

And make His praises gladly ring (gladly to ring) 

He gave His life (gave His own life) 

On Calvary’s tree (Calvary’ tree) 

That we from sing might be made free (might be made free)

Notable Recordings

The song has since been covered by many gospel singers and groups. Among the notable recordings of the song came from the following: Chuck Wagon Gang, Cathedral Quartet, Gold City, Kingdom Heirs, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, and many others. The tune was also featured in Gaither Homecoming Series (1999 Sweet Sweet Spirit). 

Below is a live performance of the song by the then-considered as the oldest living gospel quartet. The singing group is comprised of Robert S. Arnold, Jake Hess, Ben Speer, and Rex Nelon. As of this writing, all of them have already joined Our Creator and perhaps continue singing with Him in heaven.

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Ben Speer, I'm Telling the World About His Love, Jake Hess, Rex Nelon, Robert S. Arnold

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