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Weary and Troubled? “Tell It to Jesus”, Says Willie Nelson

It is always nice to have a good friend – the one whom you can tell everything you feel. Do not even think of saying you will not have one, because we are never alone. Jesus is always there. Whatever we have in mind and heart, we can always tell it to Jesus. Willie Nelson has had many troubles in life to be able to live with this song.

Weary and Troubled? "Tell It to Jesus", Says Willie Nelson 1

The singer, Willie’s Faith

To say Willie Nelson’s Christian faith as unusual is an understatement. A rebel since his teens, his festive career, and personal life mirror the ups and downs of his spiritual journey, which seems to be like a collection of many colors. It turns out that Willie’s mother left him shortly after birth and then his father remarried and left him too. Willie and Bobbie were left to their grandparents, Mama and Daddy Nelson, who loved the Lord. They raised them up singing Gospel songs in the church. Willie confessed that he is a believer as a kid just as he is a believer as a man. He never doubted the brilliance of Christ’s moral message or the truth of the marvels He performed. Moreover, he sees His presence on earth and believes that His resurrection altered human history, guiding us in the path of healing love.

However, Willie also associates that divine help can explain the comfort with which he composed or performed spiritual songs. He would always ask,

“Did I really write these songs or am I just a channel chosen by the Holy Spirit to express these feelings?”

His Faith in “Tell It To Jesus”

The Gospel is Willie’s lens, the one thing he used to lift others. In the hymn, “Tell It To Jesus”, he encourages us to tell every single thing we think of to Jesus. Do you think he might have also done the same? Weary when he was drawn to drugs, he told it to Jesus. Tears flowed in his cheeks, he told it to Jesus. Every sorrow he experienced in the past, he told it to Jesus. Now that he is taking the toll on his health condition at times, he tells it to Jesus. He admits that there is no other friend or brother he can tell all his troubles, but Jesus.

May we also find comfort in telling everything to Jesus. Be it problems or happiness.

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Tell It To Jesus, Willie Nelson

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