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“Tear Time”, a Revival Hit of the Trio Dave and Sugar

"Tear Time", a Revival Hit of the Trio Dave and Sugar 1

Liking the Song Very Much…

Members Dave Rowland, Jackie Frantz and Vicky Hackeman thought very highly of “Tear Time”. Wilma Burgess took the song up to No. 16 on Billboard’s country chart back in 1967. Truth be told, the group considered “Tear Time” such a great song that they wanted to release it as the first single once their RCA deal was finalized. Yet, label executive Jerry Bradley put a hold the song for later use. Not only that, the song would come out with an up-tempo song for their first record.

One of the reasons why Dave and Sugar signed to RCA was Charley Pride. The trio embarked on a concert tour with Pride to Australia. During their free time, the group worked on arrangements and vocal parts for “Tear Time”. The reason behind was that when the right time comes for the song to be released, they are ready to go. On July 1978, two years after their No. 1 hit “The Door Is Always Open”, the right time for “Tear Time” comes.

The Chart Performance

The song “Tear Time” reached the summit of the Billboard’s Country Singles Chart by October 21st. A hallmark of Dave & Sugar’s unique sound featured each member doing individual verses with Dave adding the harmony lines in the chorus. Unlike other mixed groups, the female usually supplied the harmonies. This uncharacteristically unique sound made Dave & Sugar stand out during their successful six-year run in country music until the unit broke up in 1981. They finished with a total of eleven Top Ten hits including a third number one, “Golden Tears”.

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