November 5, 2018

Taylor Swift: An Iconic Duet with Bryan Adams,”Summer of 69″

She is one of the Best Selling Female artists, and she has always been controversial in her ways. Well, it’s Taylor Swift y’all! She has been the talk of the town since she transitioned from country to pop. Further, she caught the attention of critics when she released her new album Reputation, saying that she is shady with some artists. Anyhow, one thing that I like from her was when she invited Bryan Adams to be a special guest at her concert in Canada.

“Travel Through Time”

The 80’s was one of the best eras because it is the time where everything is evolving, from fashion, movies, and music. Thus, this was the time where artists are being known locally and globally. Further, it is this year when “Summer of 69” was heard from the radio, this was composed by Jim Vallance, and it was recorded by Bryan Adams in 1984. At first, they had a hard time completing the song, but eventually, they were able to create a masterpiece.

“Summer of 69” pertains to a real-life character of Bryan Adams. Jimmy his former drummer and Jody his sound manager. Hence, the song portrays about nostalgia and all the memories that happened during their childhood days. In addition, the second interpretation of the song was about making love, well, we can tell from the title itself, “69”. But, screw those interpretations, it’s still a good song for me.

“Iconic Moment”

Taylor Swift first released her latest album “Reputation” on November 10, 2017, containing her new music style. Anyway, many fans were intrigued with her unique style and sound back then, especially the lyrics of her new songs. Regardless of the intrigue, Swift was still able to sell millions out of her new album. Hence, due to the positive feedback, she launched her Reputation tour that started in May 2018.

Taylor Swift had massive success from her Reputation Tour in America. Thus, she also invaded Canada, and the legendary Bryan Adams was her special guest that night. The two artists sang “Summer of 69,” one of Adams greatest hits. Also, the crowd was stunned, and they kept on cheering until the end. Well, at least they had a great time.


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