September 25

Remember Tater’s Heart Breaker Song, ‘Take Me As I Am or Let Me Go?’

As a true professional at work, our little Tater Jimmy Dickens could make you guffaw on one hand and bawl on the other. Here is one fine ballad that is a must-listen to.

From its first release in September 1954, about thirteen versions were made by other notable Country artists. They are as follows: Don Gibson in April 1958, George Jones in August 1964, Ray Price, same month and year as Jones, Dottie West in June 1965, Conway Twitty in April 1968, Jerry Wallace in June 1968, Jean Shepard in September 1968, Bob Dylan in June 1970, Willie Nelson in October 1975, Bobby Bare in June 1981, and Michael Montecrosa in 2005.

Hmmm… Thirteen is a lot. Does that mean something about the relatability of the song? Oh well. Just sayin’.

“But I won’t be a stand in for an old love”

That one line alone would make anyone who have been through a similar experience want to look this song up in the web. I don’t know about you, but I sure would not want to be somebody’s fill in. I am my own person and not an offshoot of another. I have more to say about manipulative lovers, but I digress.

Let it just suffice us to know that without those people, great ballads like Take Me as I Am won’t exist. The bright side is you could make a fortune out of that misfortune! Ha! (In the end, you got the last laugh LOL). But hold your horses! That would be plausible if you are a singer like those aforementioned stars. Sorry to burst your bubble, chap, but you still need talent if you want to put a song into records.

Should you want to listen more of Tater’s ballads, try We Could and The Violet and The Rose.


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