January 18

Tate Stevens: Another Man Who Proves Country Makes a Difference!

The Power of a Love Song becomes stronger if it is country

The power of a love song
Can make you believe
The power of a love song
It can change everything
It can right every wrong, help you hold on
Even when all hope is gone

Simon Cowell says he was reminded of Garth Brooks upon hearing this man’s voice.

On his first audition, he awed the crowd with the warmth of his voice. Eventually, Tate Stevens dominated The X-Factor USA 2012 with his rendition of country songs.

Are there people who don’t love songs? According to Steven,

“The best love songs say what we can’t and get us through the tough times. The songwriters summed that up perfectly in this song. It is the power of a love song!”

Tate Stevens: Another Man Who Proves Country Makes a Difference! 1

Love songs indeed sway our emotions into different beats and also takes us to different places at different times.

On top of it all, it’s the genre of the song that makes it more powerful. Steven picked the best choice of sticking to country music.

Steven’s X-Factor Countrified Journey

During his audition, he caught the attention of the judges and took the audience’s heart with his performance of “Anything Goes” by Randy Houser. Louis Walsh, who sit for Simon Cowell during his audition, said Steven got that authentic country voice. On the other hand, Demi Lovato professes that she was blown away by the performance. Certainly then, he got perfect “Yes” from the four judges.

Steven admitted that he felt being the underdog among his competitors during his X-factor days. But hey look! His country music put him in the limelight of his musical career.

Stevens grew up in Belton, Missouri part of greater Kansas City and now lives with his wife Ashlie, whom he met in high school and married in 1997, and their son Hayden and daughter Rylie in Peculiar, Missouri. Prior to joining The X-Factor, he was a construction worker.  His first album, “Tate Stevens”, was released in April 2013.

So folks, I guess, it’s time to add Tate Stevens to our list of favorite country artists!

Here’s a video of Steven’s countrified performances on The X-Factor USA Season 2 (2012)


Power of a Love Song, Tate Stevens

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