Tanya Tucker turns 61 today! Starting her career as just a child, she has been a constant presence in the country stage since.

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via Tanya Tucker’s Official Facebook Page

The Early Life of Tanya Tucker

Tanya Denise Tucker was born on October 10, 1958. She was the youngest in her family and had three older siblings.

Most of her childhood was spent in the town of Willcox, Arizona. There was only one radio station in that town and all it played was country music, this was how the star got introduced to country music. At age 8, she already had dreams of becoming a country star and told her parents all about it.

Tanya Tucker, Tanya, Tucker, Advice

via Tanya Tucker’s Official Facebook Page

Start of Tanya Tucker’s Career

Tanya was discovered when she performed on stage at a State Fair in Arizona. She had her debut with Mel Tillis, who was impressed with her performance and invited her back to keep performing.

Soon, she recorded a demo tape that gained the attention of songwriter Dolores Fuller. She gave the tape to Billy Sherrill, a music producer, who was impressed and gave Tanya a deal with Columbia Records.

The Career of Tanya Tucker

Her first single was “Delta Dawn,” originally sung by Alex Harvey. Though most associate it with Tanya Tucker due to the success of her version. Her rendition of the song peaked at the top 6 of the country music charts and helped the star gain more popularity.

During the late 1970s to mid-1980s, Tanya’s popularity was diminishing and she started to have substance abuse problems. She was also involved in a lot of love affairs with fellow stars including Don Johnson, Merle Haggard, and Glen Campbell to name a few.

After her breakup with Campbell, she moved to Nashville and stayed in seclusion until her family convinced her to enroll in the Betty Ford Center where she began to improve very slowly.

She made her comeback by signing a deal with Capitol Records and her release of “One Love At A Time,” which was a hit that made it to the number three spot on the chart.

Then in 1986, she released an album called Girls Like Me which spawned four singles that made it to the top 10 of the country charts. Her style became more country-pop which helped her popularity grow. From here on, Tanya continued to be successful in her career and she remains part of country music until today.