June 8

“The Ways to Love A Man”: 6th No.1 Song of Tammy Wynette

tammy wynette the ways to love a man

Do you know how to love your man? Commonly, one differs from the other. Not everything that works for your man will work for other men. But one thing is sure, you must love him, and that is the most important thing.

“The Ways to Love A Man,” Another No. 1 Song

Tammy Wynette who is best known for her song “Stand By Your Man” wrote another one that is similar to her best song. She knows how to make good songs about how to love your man. “The Ways to Love A Man” was Tammy’s 6th No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot Country Song chart. Tammy Wynette has 20 No. 1 single on the US Billboard Hot Country charts.

Her song “The Ways to Love A Man” was written by Billy Sherrill, Glenn Sutton and Tammy herself. She released the song in 1969 as the number one song on the same-titled album of hers. The album The Ways to Love A Man was able to peak at No. 3 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. It is not new that Tammy records albums that entered the top 10 of the Billboard charts.  In fact, she was able to release 13 albums from 1960 to 1976 that was on the top 10 of the charts. Those were studio albums only. Some of her compilation albums also topped the charts.

All About the Song

“The Ways to Love A Man” involves a woman who shares a way on how to love a man. She addresses the part that there is not one way to love a man, you have to dig deeper and understand. She also said that it’s easy to lose a man if you don’t take care of him. Therefore, you must get to know your man well to show him that you love him. Or else, he might slip away from you when you take him for granted.

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Tammy Wynette, the ways to love a man

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