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Tammy Wynette’s Fifth No. 1 Song Expresses Love for Her Man

Tammy Wynette's Fifth No. 1 Song Expresses Love for Her Man 1
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Dubbed as the “First Lady of Country Music,” Tammy Wynette is unstoppable in securing the highest spot of the chart with her troubled relationship-themed songs. Following the success trend set by her earlier records including her best-selling single, Stand by Your Man,” Wynette scored her fifth chart-topper hit with “Singing My Song” in 1969. Again, the D-I-V-O-R-C-E singer’s emotive and powerful vocals were prevalent in this song. And as usual, they make perfect blending with the tune’s theme and rhythm. Certainly, Wynette’s unique singing style drove her to earn 20 No. 1 songs on the chart throughout her career.

Singing My Song

In 1969, Wynette almost broke her personal record of producing three No. 1 songs which she accomplished in the previous year. The singer fell short of reaching such feat though as only two of her releases topped the chart that year. Together with “The Ways to Love a Man,”  “Singing My Song” enjoyed the chart’s summit and became part of her chart-topper list. Written by Billy Sherill and Glenn Sutton, “Singing My Song” was the Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee’s fifth No. 1 song. The former was her sixth.

As what the opening lines said, the tune is about the narrator’s husband.

Here’s a song I love to sing
It’s about the man that wears my ring

In the succeeding lines, the singer hinted at her partner’s tendency to cheat. Despite such, she reassures that her love for him will remain and continue to provide everything he needs. As she sings,

‘Cause when he’s cold, he knows I’m warm

And I warm him in my arms
And when he’s sad, oh, I make him glad

And I’m his shelter from the storm

I’m his song when he feels like singing

And I swing when he feels like swinging

Toward the end of the song, Wynette revealed that being everything to her lover somewhat carries a magical touch. That’s because of the man’s willingness to come home at night and be with her again.

And when he’s home, I make sure he’s never alone
And that’s why I keep singing my song

Listen to Tammy Wynette’s “Singing My Song” below.

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