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Tammy Wynette’s “Another Lonely Song” Can Make Your Eyes Water

Tammy Wynette’s “Another Lonely Song” Can Make Your Eyes Water 1

“The First Lady” of country music, Tammy Wynette, surely knows how to touch our souls. She can, without a doubt, can make our eyes water through her deep, self-experienced songs. Just like the hymn “Another Lonely Song”, she surely out-poured her emotions. With this, it made the country music enthusiasts realize how painful it is to be alone.

The Expressive Lyrics…

Without the melody, the lyrics alone, express the pain that lingers within the narrator, Tammy Wynette. Moreover, the discomfort she feels, of living with it day by day, remains. This is because, time, can’t ease the agony, but, only the man who broke her heart.

We can truly feel Tammy Wynette in this song, with so many emotions she poured. She sang the song with no tears on her face, but it shows in her eyes. Another reason was, she talked to God, hoping and asking for his understanding of her situation.

I bet some people who are undergoing such pain in their lives right now can relate to this tear-jerking song.

The Lyrics Say It All…

Time, won’t ease my memory,
It’s killing me now.
And Lord, how I need him here,
Just to feel him near, and hear him breathing.

Still, the night goes on and on,
Another lonely song, I’m singing.
Lord, don’t think bad of me,
Don’t get mad at me, you know I’m weak.

And it couldn’t cause a whole lot of harm,
To be in somebody’s arms,
‘Cause she’s in his,
I know she is.
I know she is.
But God, I love him.

And though,
I shouldn’t give a damn,
That’s the way I am now.
And Lord, yes I stay this way,
I can’t play this way,
Just because I’m lonely.

The night goes on and on,
Another lonely song, I’m singing.
Lord, don’t look down on me;
Don’t frown on me;
Let’s just keep talking. Another lonely song, I’m singing

Facts ‘Bout The Song…

“Another Lonely Song” was Tammy Wynette’s 1974 single. In addition, she co-wrote the song with Billy Sherrill and Norro Wilson. The song was Wynette’s fourteenth No.1 solo hit on the country charts. The single stayed at No.1 for two weeks and spent a total of twelve weeks on the chart.

Furthermore, on Billboard Hot Country Songs, from February 23 to March 2 of 1974, “Another Lonely Song” surpassed the other great country artists and their songs. They were, Bobby Bare with his song “Daddy What If” at No.2, “There Won’t Be Anymore” by Charlie Rich at No.3, Anne Murray’s “Love Song” at No.4, and “That’s The Way Love Goes” by Johnny Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Andy Williams released his version in the same year but only reached at No.29 on the Adult Contemporary Chart.

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