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Tammy Wynette Talks To God Through Her Hymn “Another Lonely Song”

Tammy Wynette Talks To God Through Her Hymn “Another Lonely Song” 1

Due to loneliness, Tammy Wynette talks to God with her hymn “Another Lonely Song”. Through its lyrics, she simply throws her worries and difficulties to God. Hoping that everything will be fine. Moreover, the song is a good podium to remind us that in a situation, wherein, when loneliness transpires, God is just where we could simply run to.

What Does It Portray?

Before anything else, the hymn “Another Lonely Song” is about agony of losing someone. Also, it talks about lingering with the pain day by day. Additionally, it illustrates someone’s greatest downfall. A feeling that lurks and kills.

Furthermore, it might not portray the goodness of the Almighty God, but on the other hand, the song depicts someone’s willingness to open up and the need to surrender yourself to God because of the afflictions being experienced.

The Song…

The narrator or the singer, has experienced a separation anxiety. She still remembers everything, all the memories when they were still together. There’s nothing she can do but to live with it day by day. With this, she talks to God. She asks God not to get mad, not to think bad, and not to look down on her. Simply, she’s asking for God’s understanding of where her feet are.

The Lyrics…

Time, won’t ease my memory,
It’s killing me now.
And Lord, how I need him here,
Just to feel him near,
And hear him breathing.
Still, the night goes on and on,
Another lonely song, I’m singing.
Lord, don’t think bad of me,
Don’t get mad at me,
You know I’m weak.And it couldn’t cause a whole lot of harm,
To be in somebody’s arms,
‘Cause she’s in his,
I know she is. But God, I love him.
And though, I shouldn’t give a damn,
That’s the way I am now.
And Lord, yes I stay this way,
I can’t play this way,
Just because I’m lonely.
Still, the night goes on and on,
Another lonely song, I’m singing.
Lord, don’t look down on me;
Don’t frown on me;
Let’s just keep talking.
Another lonely song, I’m singing

The Realizations…

How about you? How often do you talk to God? Do you even talk to God? There are a bunch of instances we experience every day. These are good things that make us happy. Sometimes, struggles hit us in an unexpected way. Either way, we must communicate with God no matter what our situations are. The best medicine to cure your agony is to simply exchange words with him. And if you’re showered with things and such, then it’s good to thank him as well. Remember, counting your blessings means you’re tied to him.


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