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An Awe-inspiring rendition of “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus”

An Awe-inspiring rendition of “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus” 1
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Fountainview Academy is a group that sets the standards apart from the others. They give their great renditions and covers to the most beautiful Christian gospel songs. Also, they patched a different approach to every gospel. Apart from that, their music videos are one of a kind. A good example is their cover of “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus.” Indeed, one of the most breathtaking renditions ever.

Not only that, their rendition can inspire people. They, as well as their covers, can warm and lift our spirits. One more thing, Fountainview Academy gives us a different glimpse of the world of gospel. Take a look, listen, and be encouraged.

Take the World, But Give Me Jesus…

Frances Jane Crosby aka Fanny Crosby was the author of “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus.” Meanwhile, John R. Sweney arranged the music of the hymn.

The Story Behind the Hymn…

Back in time, Fanny was talking to one of her neighbors, who bitterly complained  of his poverty. If I had wealth, I would be able to do just what I wish to do and I would be able to make an appearance in the world. Fanny replied,

“Well, take the world, but give me Jesus. “

She was then inspired by her own words to write a hymn with that title.

An Awe-inspiring rendition of “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus” 2
Photo Credit: bustedhalo.com

Yes, at the end of the day. It’s Jesus that we need. He will guide us and lead us on a better path. He will never leave our sides for he is the truth. Our role is to obey and accept him in our hearts. With this, Jesus will receive us too. So, we must strengthen our relationship with Jesus.

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