October 22

Talented Siblings Deliver an Amazing “Tennessee Whiskey” Cover

Not many years ago, “Tennessee Whiskey” has legitimately earned the right to be called “timeless.” Bearing its definition, the term “timeless” refers to being classic, lasting, and permanent. Whatever thing it refers to, it endures the challenge of time, is never-changing, undying lest ephemeral.

Well, credits to the contemporary country superstar Chris Stapleton, the song has gained massive success since late 2015. With his rendition and revival, the song was reincarnated and has since then received its much-deserved reception.

The Timeless “Tennessee Whiskey”

Before Stapleton’s resurrection of the song about three years ago, “Tennessee Whiskey” dates back its history even further. Originally recorded by David Allan Coe, the said tune gained its first fame when the legendary George Jones released his version in 1983. In fact, Jones’ cover managed to clinch the number one spot on the chart in Canada. Meanwhile, it just stumbled on the second spot on the Billboard chart in the United States.

From Jones to Stapleton

Who would have ever thought that the classic country tune would reincarnate into the spotlight 32 years after Jones released his version? Seriously though, Stapleton would take so much credit of the song this time. From a classic legend to a contemporary icon, “Tennessee Whiskey” would surely be right on the vocals of great artists.

It is fully remembered that in the 2015 CMA Awards, Stapleton was joined by pop artist Justin Timberlake in a night of talent and honor. Both singers delivered a fantastic duet of “Tennessee Whiskey.” And definitely, the crowd loved it!

Furthermore, Stapleton’s version became an instant hit. Eventually, it peaked at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in the U. S.

The Song as Rendered by the T5 Siblings

After its immediate success made by Stapleton, “Tennessee Whiskey” has since then been performed by a number of artists. However, there is this group of siblings who rendered an impressive performance.

Their group is called “T5,” and their performance was spot-on impressive. Three of the siblings sing the harmony while the youngest brother takes on the lead vocals. As you hear them sing, the blending voices are just a taste of heaven. They are just an amazing group, and this goes to show that God has really blessed them with immense talent.

Check out these siblings cover of “Tennessee Whiskey:”

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