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Our Sweetest Song for Jesus, “You are My All in All”

Our Sweetest Song for Jesus, "You are My All in All" 1The Gaither Vocal Band / (Photo credit: Screen grabbed from Youtube)

Jesus, our Savior, protector, dear friend, and everything deserves all the glory and praises from us, His children. Yet, oftentimes, we forget to thank Him for the countless things He’s given and done for us. Even for the mere part that we wake up each morning, we failed to recognize that He’s behind it. And for sure, the Lord also longs to hear from us. Our call on His name would be the sweetest sound to His ears. Thus, with this beautiful hymn penned by Dennis L. Jernigan, we express our sincere and deepest adoration to Him who is our all in all.

The song can actually be used as a prayer. Written in the first-person point of view, its lyrics express our humble acknowledgment of Christ’s presence in our lives. As we utter the words, we are exalting Him on high. Likewise, we bring Him the sweetest message that without Him, we are really nothing.

Below is an emotive live delivery of the song by the Gaither Vocal Band. Let’s sing with them with the conviction that Jesus means so much in our life.

The Songwriter

Born in 1959 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Dennis L. Jernigan, have written numerous hymns that many Christians loved to sing since the early 1990s. Apart from the hundreds of songs he penned, Jernigan has played a more significant role in the society. In particular, he found and pursued his greatest calling to set free those who are spiritually captive. From being a homosexual to being born as a new creation, he is convinced that nothing is impossible with God. His aim now is to share his personal experience of spiritual transformation to inspire others. He does so through the songs that he writes. Accordingly, he has seen many people walked out of all manner of spiritual bondage. Furthermore, he’s watched thousands of desperate and wounded people finding healing in Jesus. According to him,

“If you lead people to freedom, they will worship.”

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Dennis Jernigan, Gaither Vocal Band, Jesus, You Are My All in All

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