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The Great, Country Style Gospel “In the Sweet By and By”

The Great, Country Style Gospel "In the Sweet By and By" 1
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The Christian hymn called In the Sweet By and Bycame into existence in the late eighteenth century. And up to the present, the song continues to be sung in different congregations. Moreover, various music artists and gospel singers alike have recorded their own versions of it. Among the country musicians who had covered the song were Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, and Kenny Rogers. Given their established reputation in the music industry as well as their distinct vocal styles, these covers made us love them and appreciate the song even more.

In this article, we bring you Bird Youmans, a former rock and roll music singer who now sings for the Lord. Soon after his stint with the music genre had faded, he began performing as a solo country music artist. Yet, God wants something more for him. Through the Almighty’s work in Youmans’ life, he finally found the right musical path to tread on. It was then that he started playing traditional and contemporary gospel music and he’s loving it. Now, he continues to travel across the southeast praising God through his music. Listen to his delivery of “In the Sweet By and By” in country style below.

Brief Hymn History

“In the Sweet By and By” dates back to the 18th century. Written by S. Fillmore Bennett, the song was inspired by no other than its music composer, Joseph P. Weber. Weber’s melancholic nature became well-known to Bennett and he used music to cheer him up. That’s what happened exactly to the song “In the Sweet By and By.” Bennett had noticed one time that Weber was having another episode of mood-swing and so he asked him what the matter was. His brief response, “I will be all right by and by,” led Bennett to write a song out of it. That gave birth to the hymn we all know and love to sing up to this day.

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