January 18

“Suspicious Minds:” A Hit from the King, Elvis Presley

It’s natural in a relationship for lovers to get jealous because they have feelings towards each other. Also, others may find it cute, or sweet, that their partner is showing this kind of attitude. But, it’s a different story if the other person is being too suspicious. Moreover, it will not be healthy for the relationship. Some relationships end sooner because it is too stressful, and manipulating. Hence, all we need to have in a relationship is trust and honesty. That is the main element of a strong and long-lasting relationship. Once you have a partner, control yourself not to cheat. Also, don’t be too suspicious because you might be wrong in your accusations. In relation to this, let’s listen to one of the cover hits of Elvis Presley, “Suspicions Mind.”

The Music Icon of All Time

He is considered the King of Rock and Roll due to his massive success in the music industry. Moreover, his legacy and influence are still alive to this date. With this, he received 3 Grammys, A Lifetime Achievement Award, and was included in multiple Hall of Fames. His contribution to the industry is undeniably immeasurable. I hope that you did not forget the King, Elvis Presley.

“Suspicious Minds:” A Hit from the King, Elvis Presley 1
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/Official Home Page

A Taste of Heaven

Have you tried being in a toxic relationship wherein your partner is so controlling? I guess some of you did. Then, what did you do to fix it? Were you able to get out of that pickle? Anyway, that question is related to the hit “Suspicious Mind” that was popularized by the king, Elvis Presley. The song was released in 1969 and it became Presley’s 18th number one. This hit also ranked at no. 91 on Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. Let’s go ahead and enjoy the legacy that the King left us.



Elvis Presley

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