One of the biggest stars in country music in the 1990s and early 2000s was John Michael Montgomery. He was greatly known for his hits like “I Swear,” “Be My Baby Tonight,” and “Sold.” Through these, his career in the past decade has flourished and skyrocketed.  For over the course of his career, he has charted numerous singles, and among them are seven No. 1 hits.

Surgery Forces John Michael Montgomery to Cancel His Shows 1
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These days, Montgomery goes on tours and stage shows. He maintains a packed schedule as he travels across the country most of the year. However, his busy schedule has taken its toll, and it has been especially hard on his voice.

Montgomery Experiences Vocal Fatigue, Cancels His Shows

A review on the press releases on Montgomery’s website, there were two instances where he needed to reschedule his shows due to vocal fatigue.

In 2016, Montgomery rescheduled two Texas shows. He was later diagnosed with “severe hoarse, inflamed, strained and fatigued vocal cords from the after effects of a sinus infection allergies and acid reflux.”

Again in late 2017, he was forced to reschedule another pair of shows. On his Twitter post, he said that he had to push his shows back “due to vocal fatigue and inflamed vocal cords” and the development of laryngitis.

Eventually, the same reason forced him to cancel more shows again. Not only did he cancel a pair of shows, but this is his biggest batch of postponements and cancellations yet.

Surgery and Vocal Rest

On Thursday, Jan. 3rd, Montgomery took things to social media and wrote that he is at his home recovering from surgery. A polyp was removed from one of his vocal cords. Due to this, he will be on vocal rest for the next three months. This means that he cannot perform during this period.

Surgery Forces John Michael Montgomery to Cancel His Shows 2

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“I will be ready and excited to tour again come April. Unfortunately, I will have to reschedule or cancel all events until then. Thanks for your support and understanding.”

John Michael Montgomery

A polyp is a condition that most artists especially singers experience in their career. According to the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association, polyps develop on the vocal cords for some reasons. And, singing is one of them. Hence, the longer someone has been singing, the bigger the chance the person will develop polyps.

With this in general, vocal cord polyps just like Montgomery’s are surgically removed only when they are large or have been present for some time.

Anyway, let us hope that this would be the last time that Montgomery will cancel his shows.

For now, let us listen to one of his biggest hits, “I Swear:”
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