December 7

To All Supportive Fathers on “That’s My Job”

“That’s My Job” is a track written by Gary Burr, and recorded by American country music artist Conway Twitty. Debuting in November 1987 as part of his third single from the album Borderline, the song reached #6 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

One day, while Mr. Twitty was reading a map, he noticed two towns—Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas. That is where he got his name. Born as Harold Jenkins, he began his career as a rock-and-roll singer in the 1950’s. “Lonely Blue Boy”, one of his songs, went gold. In 1958, his biggest hit, “It’s Only Make Believe”, ranked at the top of the pop charts.

Conway’s Love for Country Music

Regardless of his early success at rock-and-roll, Conway’s first love was country music.

“A lot of country artists try to cross over to the pop charts but I’ve already been on the other side of the fence, and I like the side I’m on”.

In time, Twitty had more than 50 No. 1 singles on the country charts. Specializing in ballads of lost love, among these hits are “Tight Fittin’ Jeans”, “Hello Darlin”, and “After All the Good is Gone”. Some of his other breakthroughs are duets with Loretta Lynn.

Later in his career, Conway Twitty started to record songs that were somewhat unlike than what his audience was accustomed to hearing on the radio. In 1987, he took a venture to tell a story song about a typical father-son relationship. The light production and deep story song moved many people. These were the lucky people who have an oh-so-loving and caring father. These fathers would consider parenthood their beloved ‘job’. To date, “That’s My Job” is still one of the most-requested and downloaded Father’s Day songs on country radio. Moreover, it occupies the softest spot of the fans on the list of the Top 10 Conway Twitty Songs.



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