December 7, 2018

When Country Singers Sing About “Superman”

Superman has, for ages, been around saving the day.  Always portrayed the star, let’s see how he has fared in three Country songs recorded by Hank Williams Jr., Aaron Tippin, and Donna Fargo.

Posted by Man of Steel on Monday, September 30, 2013

When Bocephus was Once the “Man of Steel”

“Man of Steel” is Hank Williams Jr.’s second single from his 1984 album, “Man of Steel.” Williams track flew up the charts reaching #3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and #4 in the RPM Country Tracks.

The song content highlighted the young Williams’ strong-willed fight for survival, thereby, transforming himself from a lanky Country boy into an edgy city Cowboy.

Aaron Tippin feat. Reba McEntire in “Honky Tonk Superman”

Following is a fun music video collaboration of Aaron Tippin with Reba McEntire for his single, “Honky Tonk Superman.”  It’s that classic tale of a low-profile man normally minding his own business until he gets drunk and turns into a pain-in-the-neck for causing trouble.

This Aaron Tippin single is the final track from his third studio album, “Call to the Wild” released in 1993. Out from the same album were Tippin’s other hits including “Workin’ Man’s Ph.D.” and “Whole Lotta Love on the Line.”

Though “Honky Tonk Superman” failed to enter the Top 40, the album, nonetheless, managed to peak at #6 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums.

Why was Donna Fargo not Happy with her “Superman?”

Donna Fargo may gripe about her “Superman” for being insensitive, but the track’s one mighty hero in her career. It soared to the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Singles and Canadian RPM Country Tracks. Furthermore, Fargo’s “Superman” entered U.S. Billboard’s Hot 100 (#41) and Canadian RPM TOP Singles at #75.

Fargo has co-written the song with Eddie Sauter for the album, “My Second Album” released in December 1972. “Superman” became Donna Fargo’s 3rd # hit in a row.  To top that, “Superman’s” success in the era of Rock & Roll is a source of pride in C&W.


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