December 4

Look at the Sunny Side of Life with the Carter Family


“Keep on the Sunny Side” is a Christian hymn written by Ada Blenkhorn in 1899 and inspired by her disabled nephew who would always direct his wheelchair on the “sunny side” of the street. The Carter Family then heard the song from Uncle A.P Carter and they had it recorded in 1928. The song gained popularity and had become sort of a theme song for their family. Come 1964, they released an album bearing the same title.


So, this was the influence behind the catchphrase “look at the bright side.” Who else lives by this mantra? I, for one, would always quote this to myself when facing mishaps. It is of no use being down in the dumps for long, anyway.

All thanks to the Carter family for favoring this classic among their earliest recordings. The idea of optimism while in the middle of setbacks sticks, and has been most useful to everyone.

By taking the message to thought, those with disabilities would recognize their advantage of having more amplified senses. Those whose businesses went bankrupt or simply, had lost a great deal of money would learn to appreciate living within their means and perhaps, learn contentment, too. Those who were laid off or fired from their jobs would find the value of family. That goes for real friends. Lastly, those diagnosed with terminal illnesses will use their time wisely. They would then prefer to spend it on what matters most; relationships. No more chasing the ‘American dream,’ just a living in the moment consciousness.

 See how time and energy saving this is? Do yourself a favor if you have not adopted the attitude yet.

Filmed in the early 1960’s, you will not get tired listening to “Keep on the Sunny Side” by Mother Maybelle and two of the Carter sisters.


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