April 22

Easter “Sunday Service:” Kanye West Takes Coachella to Church

Like many other artists, Kanye West has had his own shares of trials and tribulations throughout his career. And, with its manifestations over the years and its recent turnover, the “Life of Pablo” rapper might just be gearing up for a comeback with his “Sunday Service.”

Sunday Service, Kanye, Kanye West
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West has been holding these Sunday morning services since earlier this year, with a solid gospel choir performing new renditions of his songs. Up until now, these performances were only seen online, with only his closest friends seeing the performances up close and personal. But on Easter Sunday, West decided to share his gift to the world live.

Sunday Service

The 41-year-old rapper’s “Sunday Service” was announced after he dropped out of headlining Coachella because the festival refused to make him a custom dome. In its stead, he gathered his band of singers and musicians atop a small hill to sing and praise in the name of the Lord and music.

Sunday Service, Kanye, Kanye West
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The powerful three-hour set list consists of West’s hits perfectly molding together into a symphony of sound and grace, turning his songs into powerful gospels. Listening to it, it is as if they were songs about joy and praise in the first place. The set was invigorating and humbling at the same time. No longer do you see the haughty West of recent time, but a humble one, resigning himself in the music, and in God.

Sunday Service, Kanye, Kanye West
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West even debuted a new song entitled “Water” in his 3-hour long set list. Watch a portion of the song. The song comes off as something reverent as if asking for repentance and cleansing.

Joined by collaborator Ant Clemons and Ty Dolla $ign, West sang:

We are water

Clean us like the rain in spring

Take the chlorine out of conversation


Finally, he rose and smiled at the camera, pausing for several long moments before the band played a medley of gospel and soul covers and the dancers filed off of the hill.


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