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Michael Ray covers “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash

Michael Ray covers “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash 1

Many young artists cover songs of legendary country musicians. These legendary country artists will always have a big impact in our lives, and in the lives of aspiring young singers. Their music will always be remembered and will be sung for a lifetime.

When the present meets the past the results are phenomenal.

Michael Ray the covering artist

Michael Ray was born on April 29, 1988, in Eustis, Florida. He is a young rising country singer. His top hit songs are, “Kiss You in the Morning” and “Think A Little Less.” In 2016, He was nominated for Breakthrough Male of the Year in American Country Countdown Awards. He is currently on tour.

Ray was asked to cover a country song from the past and he picked Cash’s “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” He said the reason why he chooses this song is because it embodies real country music. With Ray’s beautiful deep voice and just an acoustic guitar, the song turns into something perfect.

Listen to this beautiful cover of Johnny Cash’s, “Sunday Morning Coming Down,” by Michael Ray.

About the song and the songwriter: “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

Sunday Morning Coming Down” was written by Kris Kristofferson while he was working as a janitor in a recording studio in Nashville. Kristofferson had a Master’s degree in Oxford and was offered to work as a professor, but he declined the offer. He was also a former Captain in the Army. Despite all of this Kristofferson wanted to become a songwriter, so he focused on writing music.

The song talks about the pain of life, of hopes and dreams lost in between living. It’s about the sadness felt and the loneliness of living a life that is difficult.

“And Lord, it took me back to something that I’d lost,

Somewhere, somehow along the way….”

I honestly think that this is one of the saddest yet beautiful country music I’ve ever heard.

Johnny Cash and Kristofferson meeting

Kristofferson said he knew Johnny Cash since 1965, while he was working as a janitor. Kristofferson wanted to give Cash his song but he is not allowed by his employer. Rather than giving his tape to Cash, Kristofferson find another way. Kristofferson worked as a part-time pilot in an Army reserve, he took the helicopter and land on Cash’s house.

There were two versions of how Kristofferson gave the tape to Cash but, nonetheless Cash liked the song. Johnny Cash was impressed by the song that he decided to record it  live on his show, “The Johnny Cash Show.” Cash was asked by the producers to change some parts of the song’s lyrics, but he didn’t.

Ever since then Cash and Kristofferson became friends. Cash even invited Kristofferson to perform with him at the Newport Folk Festival.

The songs chart performance

The song hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Charts in 1970. This was Kristofferson’s first song written to top the charts.


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