January 9

“The Call” by Matt Kennon, A Country Song That Saves


WELL I DUNNO. It’s been just a few days after them Festivities and Jolly Ho! Ho! Ho’s! You know—he Yuletide and New Year. And—already—I’m having some tinges of somberness… Hmmn… ‘Guess this is just due to my mother-in-law’s recent passing.


 “…the taking of one’s own life and death.”

THERE ARE QUITE A NUMBER OF COUNTRY SONGS made about suicide, romanticizes the taking of one’s own life and death. We’ve got Whiskey Lullaby, a sure List Topper of anyone or any list. Kiss The World Goodbye and Independence Day among many others. But then, there’s The Call by Matt Kennon.

 “…a couple of stories—both—with nifty happy endings.”

THE CALL by Matt Kennon sings of a couple of stories—both—with nifty happy endings. One, of a distraught young man parking his truck in them woods and about to pull the trigger… Then, THE CALL came in. The other, of two 18-year-olds unsettled by an unwanted pregnancy. The young girl, barely out of her teens, was about to pull the plug in an abortion clinic. She was about to go next when THE CALL (once again) came through.

 “God moves in mysterious ways…”

CHIDINGLY, I’D SAY, “Thank God for Matt Kennon!” But seriously, yes—them really very important calls come at the right moment at times. Especially during those extreme and crucial situations. Amazing don’t you think? Well, “God moves in mysterious ways (just as Love), they say. And I’d say that it’s The Man Upstairs’ Amazing Grace.

“… just out there…”

COMMUNICATION ESPECIALLY KEEPING CLOSE TIES WITH LOVED ONES is a really great thing to keep. The technology—that’s just out there—related to communication is readily available to each and every single one of us. But ironically, instead of getting us closer to one another, it just seems to drive us further and further apart. Why? Hmmn…

“Why not reach out and touch somebody’s hand TODAY …”

HECK, WE ARE ALL (most of us, at least) old enough to know the answer to that but hey… Why not reach out and touch somebody’s hand TODAY and give them THE CALL they truly deserve!


May The Lord God Almighty Bless Us All and Set Us FREE!


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